About Us

Out of adversity comes opportunity. Benjamin Franklin

Our MD and frequent Del Boy Will decided in days of the Covid 19 Lockdown coming into play, that we had to change our business model immediately, or risk going under. 

As an events firm originally we consider ourselves fairly knowledgeable when it comes to what makes a good party, but holding stock was the enemy of the business. However with our new "wine merchant" hats on - we have had the opportunity to really showcase some utterly fabulous wine.

And we are pairing it with our own brand of non tweed talk. Some of the wines are our favourites, some are special treats, and some just make us smile. 

We want you to enjoy wine - and we want to know what you think - so please tweet, post, story and join us in an irreverent love of all things Vino. 

Will (aka Spiro)